Jade Shutes


Western Herbal Energetics: From Galen to Aromatherapy Practice                    

We are in the process of witnessing the growth of many branches from the seeds and roots of traditional English aromatherapy and French aromatic medicine.  Each of these branches offers a unique pathway for the practice of aromatherapy and essential oil therapy, from clinical practice to self-care. Like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda, Western Herbal Energetics provides us with a language to describe perceived and experienced imbalances/health conditions; tools for assessing the individual; and an aligned treatment strategy (includes formulation framework and methods of application).


Throughout this talk, we will weave our discussion through the lens of western herbal energetics, introduce the concept of the four humors and the six tissue states, and how we may apply these to the practice of aromatherapy and our understanding of essential oils. We will return to the holistic roots of aromatherapy, laying emphasis on physiology rather than pathology, on the whole essential rather than the chemical families or isolated components, and on the whole person who is seeking care, not just the 'disease'. The presentation will include numerous examples to support participants understanding and integration of the material covered.