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Created to make your skin healthier and your soul happier.


Allow me to introduce you to our holistic aromatherapeutic approach, where I bottle the scent of a herbal garden and the essence of a forest with my skin care products. I would like to invoke the refreshing breeze after a summer rain, a moonlit rose garden or the scent of hay bales in a field. My products contain the best quality essential oils with a delight of bird songs and leaves blowing in the wind. I offer these in a perfect synergy complemented by other nourishing plant oils and extracts. 


Professional aromatherapy


Loylymasters products are distributed by Aromen, a Belgian company specialising in professional aromatherapy. In their product line are more than 120 different essential oils, hydrosols as well as herbs and special skin care products – all a 100% natural and high quality, and the organic status is certified Certisys (independent and specialised in organic certification). Aromen was pioneering in connecting aromatherapy and the sauna culture, and creating a natural sauna experience. Aromen, under the Loylymasters brand name – all around Europe – offers exceptionally high quality product support and education to sauna masters, sauna parks, spas and wellness hotels. Part of the support is the Loylymasters mobile application by which one can have a pool of information about their products via the QR code on the label.


Essential oil manufacture


In our manufacture, we steam-distil in copper – traditional means since the middle ages – as well as in high quality stainless steel stills as well. Our goal is to produce a 100% natural, and therapeutically clean essential oils and hydrolats from Hungarian herbs, spices and plant materials.


Professional aromatherapy


Fragrant Earth and Professional Aromatherapy go together like milk and honey. The company has been serving the needs of professional aromatherapy and related therapies since the 1980's. So 40 years!

Around the world Fragrant Earth has led professional aromatherapy by its contribution in science, research and related commercial support. There are many "firsts" in Fragrant Earth's history such as GLC fingerprinting, chemo-typing, species and sub-species identification, organic and wild crafting differentiation and many more. All good reasons why when aromatherapy became more popular that truly holistic and professional therapies supported and continue to support Fragrant Earth. Fragrant Earth has always been vitalistic in its approach to aromatic materials. This means the vigour and life of the aroma becomes a defining factor. Hence Fragrant Earth's essential oils and related products have become renowned around the world for their excellence and dynamic fragrance. Buy in confidence in the certain knowledge you are being served by the best. Essential Oils and ancillary items such as Vegetable Oils, Absolutes and Floral Waters are sold on a business to business basis. We do not encourage retail consumers to purchase Essential Oils and related products without full knowledge.


Learn from Nature


Dropsmith provides a visual, contextual and holistic approach to essential oils and blending. With over 12 000 references (and growing) it is the most precise global database of essential oils and their chemical components. A detailed and visual guide for blending. A tool for learning. A platform for comparison. A playground for aromatherapists.


Aromatherapy, diffusers,

aroma jewelry


Mónika Agape Ltd. is the official representative of the British madebyzen® aromatherapy and home fragrance products as well as the Hungarian distributor of the also British VANACCI® brand of fragrant jewelry and accessories. Our dedicated goal is to establish the world of luxury in aromatherapy and home fragrance. Our assortment reflects elegance and the Zen influence. Our diffusers are visually stimulating as well as help creating a feeling of well-being in our surroundings. All our VANACCI® bracelets, necklaces and cufflinks are hand-made and designed in Italy. These products allow the wearer to enjoy great scents for days while providing an exquisite look.


100% authentic donkey milk cosmetics from Cypress


Donkey milk products are exclusively distributed in Hungary by Anthos Ltd. The anti-aging ingredients of the donkey milk based cosmetics from Cypress help tightening the skin, hydrate it as well as provide a strong anti-inflammatory effect. The Ω-3 and Ω-6 antioxidant fatty acids increase the elasticity of the skin. It contains also an ideal quantity of vitamins A, B2, B5, C and E. The 100% authentic Cypress donkey milk cosmetics contain an exceptionally high proportion – 20, 18 and 10% - of asinine milk.


Essential Oli Distillery - Őrség, Hegyházszentjakab (Western Hungary


I am Norbert Kiss. My essential oil distillery is in Hegyházszentjakab, a village in the Őrség National Park (Western Hungary). I distill in copper alembics made in Portugal. For distillation, we only use pure spring water, and solely organic, and wildcrafted plant material. We only sell pure, additive-free essential oils and hydrosols.

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Authoritative books on a broad range of specialisms in complementary health, including aromatherapy, yoga, Chinese medicine...


Singing Dragon publishes authoritative books on a broad range of specialisms in complementary health, including aromatherapy, yoga, Chinese medicine and ancient wisdom traditions for health, wellbeing, and professional and personal development. We also publish card sets and graphic novels to aid professional practice. Our books are for both professionals and general readers. Singing Dragon is an imprint of Jessica Kingsley Publishers, established in 1987 and committed to publishing accessible books that make a difference.


High quality essential oils


Siempreviva is a company producing its own raw material to final product which makes us competitive and firmly positioned on the local market.We combine both traditional methods and high technology systems for the best quality production which is highly appreciated by our clients.We grow ecologically clean crops in the area located between the three mountains that creates a suitable climate for herbs.Our final products are essential oils, hydrolats and macerated oils that have specific smell,color and taste.

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Happiness embraces you


ANANDAM in Sanskrit means heavenly happiness. When choosing our essential oil portfolio we focussed on the feelings of joy and happiness. Our oils not only functionally fulfill the expectations towards therapeutic oils but with their color-therapy labelling they also contribute to experiencing positive mood and beauty. Our logo also reflects this principle – the smiling angelic face is embraced by nature. The ANANDAM essential oils are high quality, organic products with certification.


The Oshadhi philosophy is governed by the criteria of purity, naturalness, simplicity, and joy. This is how the brand has consistently expanded over the last 20+ years. We pay constant attention to the quality of all OSHADHI products by selecting them directly from their origin on all continents and paying the highest attention to the best possible means of storing, handling and packaging. With Oshadhi, our customers know to expect top-quality products

Oshadhi-Passion for Nature



Offering environmental friendly products, our aim is to contribute to a healthy and clean home and work environment while respecting nature and decreasing our ecological footprint. While developing our functional aromatherapy products, we put the emphasis on utilizing the most of the therapeutic properties of essential oils.



„Treat patients like your mother!” – claim the doctor and the aromatherapist, co-founders of the unique HerbaTherapy Kft. An exciting fusion of western medical practice and holistic healing, inseparable companions. A true doctor and therapist always treat both body and soul as a whole, considering the role of the human being in nature. Along with this philosophy, they select the highest purity essential oils available on the market today and make them available for all of us. All their natural products based on essential oils come with the experience of the doctor, the careful product development of the chemists and the final touch of the aromatherapist. Remedy over the recipe, health through herbatherapy.



Our main goal to produce high quality and unique essential oils and relevant products by ourselves on our own bio farm. We would like to fill our bottles with our dreams and share with those who smell them. We only sell products which are grown and produced by ourselves, therefore with limited quantity. Our unique thinking that we fill the bottles with our treasure by type, by year was very early decided.

Just smell all our essential oils to know which one do you prefer the best.


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We are a small farm growing indigenous herbs from Istria (the northern peninsula in Mediterranean sea) and producing natural and organic hydrosol and essential oils. We assure you that: 1. Plants are breed from indigenous seeds of the peninsula of Istria, 2. Every plant is planted by hand, 3. Herbs production satisfies ecological standards, 4. Plants are harvested when the concentration of volatile oil is at its highest, 5. Essential oil and hydrosol are processed in high-quality stainless stills, 6. It is stored in special, dark glass vials for easier preservability over longer periods of time, 7. Analyses of the quality of substances will be done seasonally, 8. Everything in our process is done with care and love for nature. We also offer accommodation and place for workshops (especially regarding aromatherapy). Every day we prepare delicious home-made local dishes from seasonal fresh vegetables, fruits. We bake our own sourdough bread. Our place in the beautiful valley of the river Dragonja is perfect to stay for more than one day.



The GADOI PROJECT produces aromatic organic products obtained from high quality local plants from local farmers, controlled and traceable to the source. The exceptional purity of our essential oils and our hydrolats is guaranteed by rigorous analysis from third party laboratories, while transparency in traceability is guaranteed by complete and free-to-all access to information. In order to offer a wider range of products, while at the same time remaining adherent to the ethics of our project we are creating a network of Italian partners who produces following our standards for cultivation, harvesting and distillation.



Gabriella Schütz is the creator of Pomanders gemstone bracelets with scented pomanders. She is a French language teacher, journalist, and aromatherapist making essential oil blends (with Oshadi oils) based on her recipes. All gemstones are of high quality. Gabriella designed the pomanders (registered with the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office) herself and are made by a Hungarian silversmith from 925 sterling silver.



Aroma for Ltd. is the distributor of the essential oils and aromatherapy products of Pranarôm International. Pranarôm – established in 1991 – is specializing in clinical and medical aromatherapy. The company firmly believes that the future of healthcare lies in essential oils certified by chemotypes. Therefore, every Pranarôm essential oil is identified by the exact botanical species and chemotypes, and holds a GS/MS analysis. CTEO/HECT (ChemoTyped Essential Oils) is the guarantee for quality. Besides essential oils Pranarôm offers a series of various essential oil based products, which are easy to use conveniently and safely every day. At Aroma for You we work hard to make more people aware of essential oils – not only for their aroma – and their potential to be used as an alternative method for preserving our health. We do it because we passionately believe that essential oils have a positive effect on our body.


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In 1994 David Tomlinson founded Absolute Aromas. His vision was for a centre of excellence where therapists and consumers alike could buy with confidence. The keyword for the range would be quality. Now Absolute Aromas is one of the leading forces in aromatherapy within the UK and has a worldwide reputation for quality of product and service. Our products are exported and retailed all over the world. We offer an unparalleled range of Essential Oils, CO2 Extracts, Carrier Oils and Base Products, as well as pre-made aromatherapy items including, Massage Blends, Bath Salts, and Essential Blends. We select oils from controlled, sustainable sources that have little or no negative impact on the environment. None of our products are tested on animals and all are free from GM material. All of our Organic Range is 100% organic and is certified by the Soil Association. 21 years on, we at Absolute Aromas pride ourselves on the quality of the service we offer our customers. Orders are turned around within the shortest possible time secure in the knowledge that we are providing our customers with an unrivalled quality of product. Each essential oil is tested onsite to ensure that the quality is never compromised, and we have long standing relationships with trusted suppliers, both in the UK and overseas.



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