In the lecture, we will discuss the topic of science vs tradition in the area of medicinal plants, including aromatic plants. Traditional use is based on hundreds of years of experience and serves as an important source of basic information. However, not every traditional therapeutic use has been confirmed by modern science. There are cases of medicinal plants that should only be used with caution, and plants whose use is not recommended, particularly not as home-made preparations. On the other hand, some aspects of the activity of medicinal plants remain unknown even today, despite the availability of powerful analytical tools. To find the right perspectives when studying old experiences and new evidence, awareness about of where to obtain high-quality knowledge and training/education has taken on special meaning.



Nina is the co-author of Modern Cosmetics, Ingredients of Natural Origin, A Scientific View, Volume 1 book published in 2018.



Modern Cosmetics is one of the world’s most comprehensive publications on cosmetic ingredients of natural origin. The main objective of the book is to provide high-quality information regarding natural cosmetic ingredients and raise awareness about natural cosmetics to a higher level. The book describes in detail 290 cosmetic ingredients and presents more than 500 cosmetic ingredients, in 24 chapters on 480 pages. The book provides the most recent literary review written by independent professionals: 11 scientists professionally active in the fields of pharmacognosy and cosmetology, including ten persons holding the highest scientific title of doctorate and six persons working as professors or assistant professors at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Last but not least, readers will be fascinated not only by the book’s useful information but also by very rich graphic material, which makes the book an encyclopedia of the plant world.

Modern Cosmetics is an important source of information for both the field of science and the general public. Due to its scientific and practical value, it is intended for medical professionals, such as pharmacists, doctors, cosmetologists, as well as students of natural sciences. It is an exceptional overview and inspiration for the cosmetic industry. However, a very important target public, in urgent need of a reliable source of information, is a large number of cosmetic users, particularly the users of natural cosmetics.


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Dr. Nina Kočevar Glavač


Medicinal plants: Navigating your way between tradition and science