Aromatic medicine in the treatment of respiratory conditions Through the lens of Western Herbal Energetics, we will explore the structure and function of the respiratory system and then move into the four humors and the six tissues states. We will then apply these concepts to conditions of the respiratory system (energetics of the condition), to the individual (energetics of the person), and finally, to essential oils (energetics of the remedy). Throughout the class, we will explore 10 essential oils with an affinity to the respiratory system and categorize them based upon their energetics. Much of the class will be experiential using herbal teas and essential oils to awaken and empower a more organoleptic approach to understanding essential oils. ​ Specific topics to be covered: Tongue assessment, aromatic teas to relate to chemistry and actions, the four humors and the six tissue states, common respiratory conditions, 10 essential oils with an affinity to the respiratory system, and experiential exercises.


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